Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Monday's recipe links...um...on Tuesday

  1. Coconut and brown rice pudding. Mark Bittman
  2. A fantastic way to use up leftover pasta and extra greens and avocado, Heidi's Spring Pasta. 101 Cookbooks
  3. Barley Salad. Some barley, cucumber, feta, mint...what a fresh start to spring! Cookstr
  4. Vegetable Biryani. My husband has been in India for a week and a half and just announced today he has hit the Indian food wall. :-) I'll have to wait a few weeks before I try this recipe! Cookstr
  5. Asparagus, two ways.  Food52
  6. Also from Food52, also asparagus, Absurdly Addictive Asparagus, 'cause that is the best recipe name I've come across in weeks.
  7. Strawberry scuffins.That's a scone crossed with a muffin and another Kim Boyce whole grain recipe via the Washington Post and xo breakfast.
  8. And finally my own favourite breakfast recipe this week, poached egg on spinach. Lots of spinach, sauteed and seasoned with good salt (I use Maldon) and some fresh lemon juice. Top with an egg poached to your liking. A little pepper. Bada bing bada boom.


  1. Hi just a note on your biryani recipe. With cumin seeds you should roast them then grind them before adding them. A lot of recipes miss this step but it make s the cumin more digestible. Vij roast a whole whack and keeps it in his jar grinding before use. Same applies to coriander.

  2. Thanks! I often forget that step. Roasting a bunch and putting it in a jar is a good idea as long as you use it up relatively quickly. I wonder if you could pop them in the freezer for a few weeks.