Sunday, February 27, 2011

Monday's recipe links

Soup. I love soup. Especially on a day like today where there is slush melting in the driveway and water dripping off the eaves. Did I mention the wind and the frigid air? OK - I need some soup.

  1. Rapini, leek and rice soup from Coconut and Lime.
  2. Potato, leek and cauliflower soup, also from Coconut and Lime.
  3. Soupe au pistou from David Lebovitz.
  4. Celery root soup, also from David Lebovitz.
  5. Butternut squash apple soup from A Cozy Kitchen.
  6. White bean chowder from A Communal Table.
  7. Coconut red lentil soup from 101 Cookbooks.
  8. Cauliflower soup with gorgonzola, also from 101 Cookbooks.
  9. Armenian apricot soup, also from 101 Cookbooks. Sorry, she really knows her soup.
  10. Real mushroom soup from Jamie Oliver.


    1. I am going to make the celery root soup for lunch!

    2. You have celery root? Cool! I'm doing the lentil one.

    3. The soup was very soothing. I always have a celery root in the fridge as they keep for a long time and they are a nice change from potatoes. I modified the recipe a bit using the celery root and s few potatoes to make up the difference and onion and green onions instead of leeks. Bacon would have made it better but I guess that would be counter productive!

    4. I'm going to have to remember that (keeping celery root on hand). Instead of bacon, what about a little bit of fried, minced ham? I'm going to do that the next time I make chowder.

    5. It is probably healthier, even if you just put some ham crumbles on top.

    6. Cyn, I know where to come when I want to make some good healthy soup! I really like the sound of the mushroom one. We are trying to go meatless more often and soup is always a great option. Thanks for sharing these tasty sounding recipes!

    7. Thanks for continuing to check in on my sites, Nancy! I promise to keep the recipes coming. :-) Next up is a very good southwest pumpkin soup I'm eating RIGHT NOW! So yummy.

      I hope you're well.