Thursday, May 19, 2011

Today's unlikely cancer warrior...rhubarb!

In February of 2010, researchers at a British university released their findings that rhubarb showed signs of being a potent cancer fighter. The key, they said, were the polyphenols found in this and many other red vegetables. These polyphenols only get more concentrated with baking, something most rhubarb recipes call for. If you've ever chomped on a raw rhubarb stick, you'll understand why!

I love rhubarb. My husband loves rhubarb. I have said before that I am suspicious of people who don't. Except children. I will acknowledge that most people aren't born loving rhubarb. But once you do, you will learn to look forward to spring for it as much as for the change in the weather.

I hope you have a good source nearby. Check your farmer's markets and produce stands. The season isn't long so if you are a true nut like me buy extra and freeze it.  Fair warning - most of these recipes are high in sugar, so consume in moderation!

  1. Mark Bittman's rhubarb crisp. I've mentioned it before but it is worth mentioning again. Yum.
  2. Canadian Living compiled a great list of tested rhubarb recipes. Included are: rhubarb compote, strawberry rhubarb sorbet, rhubarb frozen yogurt, and rhubarb strawberry macaroon cobbler.
  3. Rhubarb coffee cake from the Carbone Cancer Centre at the University of Wisconsin.
  4. Rhubarb and orange compote from the World Cancer Research Fund.
  5. Cranberry rhubarb chutney from Diana Dyer, MS, RD and cancer survivor.
  6. Best rhubarb bars from Krumkake at Group Recipes.
  7. Grandma's strawberry and rhubarb pie at the Food Network.
Happy cooking!

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