Wednesday, June 6, 2012


We're a little behind strawberry season in my neck of the woods - such a cloudy spring we've had. But the sun is breaking through today and I know we aren't far off. So, in preparation for that happy day that the farmstands open up - here are some great, healthy strawberry recipes.
  1. The well-loved spinach, strawberry and goat cheese salad is here, along with a very cool looking strawberry sandwich! Oh and a great looking duck recipe. Check them all out. Eating Well.
  2. Strawberry desserts, all the usual suspects, but most come with a twist in Cooking Light's roundup. Plus a salsa, a pizza and a yummy chicken salad. Cooking Light.
  3. For those of you rocking the point system, Weight Watchers has a great collection of strawberry recipes to help you plan your meals. Weight Watchers Canada.
  4. Heidi Swanson always has great, healthy, interesting recipes. Her take on strawberries - Strawberry Panzanella (bread salad).  Yum. 101 Cookbooks.
  5. Another of Heidi's recipes, Roasted Strawberries, from her cookbook Super Natural Everyday Cooking. via Design Sponge.
  6. Pretty, pretty, pretty. Mark Bittman's Strawberry and Tomato Salad. via Sass & Veracity. And I've got sorrel in my garden just asking to be pruned back. (Note. A prettier addition to the garden than sorrel you will never find. But my husband hates it. So it doesn't get used much.)
  7. If you can find some passable peaches, or if you can wait a bit longer till they are also in season, this Chilled Peach and Strawberry Soup looks outstanding. Cookstr.

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