Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Recipe links for a healthy new year

There will be no links to anything involving sparkling wine, brie, puff pastry or chocolate this week. Not one. Good lord, what have I been eating?!!!! Time for a fresh, cleansing, fibre-filled bounty of yummy green goodness. And beans. More beans.
  1. The green machine - a pick-me-up to help you kick the caffeine habit. Bon Appetit.  Lately, I've been juicing kale or spinach, ginger, apple and beets. Sometimes with celery, sometimes a carrot or two. It's really good. Plus, I swirl a bunch of the pulp ejected by my juicer back into the juice so I am not losing all that fibre. I still have one coffee in the morning, though. I'm not crazy. Am not.
  2. Warm chickpea salad with arugula. Mark Bittman. Yum. The salad...though Mr. Bittman is lovely as well. I would use dried chickpeas instead of canned unless you know yours aren't packed in BP-laden cans. Come on, just soak them overnight with a healthy bit of salt in the water  (a la Cooks Illustrated) - it isn't brain science. Er, rocket surgery.
  3. Green lentil soup with curried brown butter. 101 Cookbooks and the wonderful Heidi Swanson. If you haven't got it yet, her new cookbook, "Super Natural Every Day" is phenomenal.
  4. Carrot soup with miso and sesame. Smitten Kitchen.
  5. Broccoli-cheese chowder. Eating Well Magazine. Just enough cheese to make this healthy soup taste like comfort food.
  6. Kale salad with currants and walnuts. Deliciously Organic. (I will be substituting in pumpkin seeds for the walnuts. But all y'all without nut allergies can nut it up.)
  7. My favourite potato leek soup. Bless Her Heart.... I know, I've given you this before. It's good. It needs restating. Just make it.
  8. Emmer farro, grapefruit and pumpkin seed salad. NBC - King 5. I saw this yesterday on Seattle's local show, New Day Northwest, when PCC nutritionist Leika Suzumura prepared it for those looking to eat better in the new year. It looked really good. Next time I'm in town, I'll be stopping by PCC to pick up Goldie's dressing. Until then, I found this recipe for it on PCC's website.
  9. Curried cauliflower with chickpeas and tomatoes. Tyler Florence via Food Network. Tyler includes his recipe for currey powder and it looks good - remember you can always slide in a little extra turmeric if it doesn't overwhelm your tastebuds. Turmeric shows great promise as a tool against cancer.
  10. Molly O'Neill's roasted squash soup with cumin and pumpkin seeds. Via Luisa Weiss' great blog, The Wednesday Chef.


  1. I can hardly wait til I get my Ipad then I can look these up when I am in the kitchen. Some tasty looking recipes!